Ink-stained Frustrations

Ink-Stained Frustrations is my section on writing. I am a developing writer who is trying to learn more about her craft. I am researching about techniques and advice, and contemplating on my own methods and ideas on writing. I hope to hear about your opinions and personal experience.

The subsections categories are…

Technicalities of Writing – in which I will post about technical features of writing, such as points of view, drafting, publishing etc.

My Tales – in which I will be discussing my own stories, how they are going, asking for opinions, and regularly posting Writing Prompt Responses, some of which I link to a story or world of mine.

God Complex – in which I will discuss world creation and story creation, specifically different methods that can be used as well as describing my own experiences with them.

Blogging – in which I will discuss different aspects of the blogging experience and blogging methods and tips.

Writing Events – in which I will discuss, review and update on my participation and experiences when taking part in different events like Brisbane writer’s festival, and National Novel Writing Month.


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