Derelict Muse

Derelict Muse is an opportunity for discovery, adventure and development in a writerly way. I aim to explore my own writing style and voice in a number of new ways; discover new methods and ideas in the writing sector and test them out at least to an extent; and discuss in depth the writing life and strife. I want to look into all the hard scary questions and walk that difficult road ahead, perhaps alongside some of you. I intend to challenge myself and others out there to do better, create better and succeed better as a writer.

My goal is to work together with my audience to create amazing things. Comment, message, email; Tell me when you think of something you want to read about, see, experience on my blog. Send my post ideas, answer my questions, give me your perspective. I want you to be my muse, my guide, my editor. I may be writing for me, but it is you I am editing for.

Welcome to my shared journey of rediscovering my elusive and abandoned Muse and nurturing her into greatness.

2 thoughts on “Derelict Muse

  1. I don’t know how much you read poetry, but this excerpt from a William Stafford poem came to mind as you spoke of your muse. The lines in quotations are spoken by his Muse. And I love the last line.
    I think your commitment to writing shines through your thoughts and concerns and your words. I look forward to reading more of you, Thea!

    . . . “I am your own
    way of looking at things,” she said. “When
    you allow me to live with you, every
    glance at the world around you will be
    a sort of salvation.” And I took her hand.

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