When I was 8, I hated reading… well at least that is what my dad tells me. I honestly don’t know because I can’t imagine a world where I could possibly hate reading. So apparently I can thank the great J. K. Rowling for helping me discover my inner eternally hungry bookworm.

One thing I do know is that, at 8, I also hated writing. That awful thing that I had to do at school and I was always doing last in the class. I was so impossibly slow.

So when dad decided that, since I love reading, naturally I should start writing too, I thought he was crazy! He made me write, the horrible man. There is evidence of my detestation in my diary, when I wrote my compulsory two pages full of “I hate this”.

Yet here I am, all grown up, and writing a blog, and working on a novel or two.

Thanks dad for deciding my dream career for me.

Since my torturous beginning in the writing industry, I have…

  • Written stories, but mainly ideas.
  • Completed a single full novel draft for my Personal Project in IB year 9
  • Published two short stories in the Kuranda Paper
  • Published a number of book reviews in the Cairns Post, through Post Ed
  • Won Best Book Review at Post Ed
  • Completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Ancient History
  • Gotten sick of study and taken a year off to revitalize my writing career
  • Started a blog (Derelict Muse), and even moved onto other social media platforms
  • Started my Honours in Ancient History (and worried about my thesis… it’s only 20 000 words)

What do I do when I’m not writing or thinking about writing? Well, I…

  • Spend ridiculous amounts of time designing elaborate fantasy worlds
  • Bind books by hand, because I love books
  • Teach Finnish to those unfortunate fools who chose Finnish as their “unique” language hobby
  • Dream of being able to draw, but never get past a few dreadful attempts
  • Spend even more time elaborately planning my life
  • Stare at the chaos which is my home and wish my planning sometimes led to action
  • Sing loudly, and probably badly
  • Admire my growing collection of books
  • Repeatedly reorganise my growing collection of books
  • Knit
  • Sew cute teddies out of old clothes
  • Binge watch TV shows
  • Travel the world

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