Welcome to Derelict Muse.

Derelict Muse is my platform for voicing my opinions, concerns and ideas regarding many things in the general vicinity of writing and connecting with a vast community of writers out there in the world.

I am a writer, always looking to improve. I am excited to hear any ideas or suggestions you, my wonderful readers, may have. I am also happy to receive any constructive feedback from you all, but please be gentle for I am only a writer and despite my best efforts I am attached to my creations.

My Blog is constantly changing as I learn and discover more about this medium. Please hang in there while I learn and try new things. If you see something I could improve on or ideas on how I can do something better, please message me and let me know.

Please find out more…

Thea                                                            Derelict Muse

I am also to be found on other social media… you might like to follow me, or just have a little look.


On my Facebook page you can find regular updates on my writing, links to every blog post published, and other interesting articles and such that I find to share, whether they be about writing, fantasy, or the world. Please follow for daily posts to fill your feed.


I have started a Twitter account, doing my best to learn the tricks. Please follow to hear my random thoughts of the day, and receive links of posts on my blogs as they are published.

Tumblr – Thoughts etc…

My recent discovery and venture into the world of Tumblr, is available to you at the link provided. I intend to be posting more or less regularly with short thoughts on life and writing. I am still learning about this particular platform, so helpful hints would be appreciated.

Thea S. Hagberg

This is my more static website, which will contain all my social media links. Here I intend gather all details about myself, my writing, link to all my online platforms, and reblog everything I write. If you would like to find out more about me and follow only one site, this is the one to check out.


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