Sorry, Busy

Dear Readers, I apologise for not posting in the past few weeks. I should have written in preparation for the foreseen busy period, but I failed you. I will be married this week, and will be free to post once again after that. All the best, Thea.  

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Writing Prompt Response 12

In the corner of her eye, she saw a crawling shadow. Crawling Shadow – Promptuarium   She stood in the center of the crossroads. The moon shone over head with its silver light illuminating the deserted city streets. Her heart was beating in her chest, slow and calculating. Her eyes gazed around the intersection, calm… Continue reading Writing Prompt Response 12

Ink-Stained Frustrations · Short Creations · Tales

Writing Prompt Response 11

  Then, came four days of grey. Four Days – Promptuarium The Teachings say the World was not Created but Found. The Craftors scoured the stars until This, Our Most Golden Star, amongst all the silver and copper, was found, with This, Our Most Fertile World, located Most Ideally in the Golden Zone. The Craftors moved the… Continue reading Writing Prompt Response 11