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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 1

Soo…. I’m trying this insanity again. I actually took time off work, so I have no excuses this time. I will get 50 000 words of something written this month. I have a main novel in mind, but two back ups to write if my muse withers and brain refuses to work.

My focus will be on “War Mage”. It is set in my 4 Gods Fantasy World. Here is my current brief summary:

A Magical Scientist struggles to gain the support and financial backing needed to complete the research she is interested in, but the only source available source is the military and the requirement is that she take to the battle field and use her formidable magical skill to win the war for her city state.

Boss was cool and gave me this afternoon off so I could get writing.

I have a head ache.

Find me on NaNo website! “pen-magus”.

PS. Sorry for the long gap in postings. I am back now. I swear. Honours etc. all finished.

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