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WPR 20 – Part 1 – Stretched to the Limit

He skimmed over the frosted landscape. Skimming wasn’t difficult. It had come to him naturally, or so his tribe’s shaman had told him. As soon as he saw a spot within his sight, and had thought of being there, he was there. Skimming was literally travelling at the speed of thought. It was the most liberating experience. He probably would choose to stay on this plane, if it were possible.

With that thought he glanced back at the nagging reminder of his physical body, the cord stretching out behind him. The one and only thing keeping him from roaming the world, limited only by his own thoughts. The one thing tying him to his tribe. Why couldn’t he just be free? He glared at the cord for causing his limitations.

He sensed another presence nearby. Turning, he saw another figure flickering across the landscape. He frowned. He hadn’t know that’s what skimming looked like.

The figure must have felt his gaze, as she glanced back at him, before skimming into the distance. With a thought, he followed. They skimmed across the tundra landscape: muted autumn shades, covered in a glittering blanket of frost. Soon the distant mountains were growing rapidly larger.

But before they reached the foot of the mountains, he slowed, feeling the stretch and strain of his cord. He glared at it, glancing back up at the figure as she paused at the foot of the mountains. He skimmed a little closer, slower, and struggling. A smile twitched at her mouth, as she skimmed further a little. He pulled a little further. She smirked, and skimmed up the side of the mountain.

Looking down at him pulling at his cord, now taut and stretched thin, she seemed to wave, and skim up and over the top edge. He pulled a little more, desperate to follow, but to no avail. In defeat, he gave into the tug of his cord, experiencing the sensation of immense speed, as he sprang back through the vast landscape to his own body.

He woke to the spiritual ache he was familiar with. He had stretched to his limits.

To be continued…


Although they had never actually spoken, he knew who she was.

He knew her – Promptuarium

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