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WPR 19 – Once a City of Dragons

It had been a long trek across the desolate wilderness. This part of the world seemed to have very little visible life beyond the inhabitance of peoples, leaving him with a strange feeling of being lost. Usually nature gave him a calm and a sense of company, but in this strange desolate wasteland, he felt uneasy.

Then, one morning with the sunrise, he saw the first hints of the city in the distance. As they neared it, the strangeness of it enhanced. It was not like any city he had ever seen. It had harsh edges, dirty metal spikes, and looming towers, filled with foreboding. Yet, it held a strange beauty that was had to comprehend, a beauty that stood on the edge of horror. The city spoke of violence and viciousness, and from what he had heard, this was entirely accurate. The great leader who had once built this city, had been a creature who lacked mercy, and the decedents who ruled now, were no different.

The beasts, which had been rumoured to live within the city’s impressive walls, were said to have once been majestic creatures. However, due to years of inbreeding, and deliberate manipulation, they had become abominations of nature and magic. These “civilised” dragons were pitiful creatures, no longer deserving of the name. He wondered, how such a great people, could cause such destruction to the one gift of nature, which made them great.


It wasn’t like any city he’d ever seen. It had had harsh edges, dirty metal, spikes and looming towers. And yet it held a beauty that was hard to comprehend.

Harsh edges – Promptuarium

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