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Writing Prompt Response 12

In the corner of her eye, she saw a crawling shadow.

Crawling Shadow – Promptuarium


She stood in the center of the crossroads. The moon shone over head with its silver light illuminating the deserted city streets. Her heart was beating in her chest, slow and calculating. Her eyes gazed around the intersection, calm and patient. The lights changed to red, and from the corner of her right eye, she saw a crawling shadow. Without her heartbeat raising or even looking directly at the sight, she raised her revolver and shot once. A screech pierced the night and the creature masquerading as a shadow wilted.

She knelt carefully in the silver light of the moon to inspect the wilted corpse of a creature that now resembled little more than a skin. This one appeared to be male. She narrowed her eyes and adjusted her grip on her revolver. There was another one. Males never left their nest without the female.

Copyright Kai Hagberg


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