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Writing Prompt Response 9

In the morning news, you hear that half the world has disappeared. The world’s new edge, in the middle of your town, is a sharp drop toward the now exposed core.

Half the World – Promptuarium

“In breaking news this morning, half the planet appears to have disappeared! We will now go the Jane Weathersby on the scene…”

The butter knife in my hand clattered to the floor.

“Honey?” I called out to my husband.

“One moment, the little ratbag won’t let me put his nappy on,” James called from the other room.

“You have got to see this,” I replied, distracted by the vision on the news now. The news woman was standing in the center of a town near a police tape. The scene beyond it was barely comprehensible. There was an end to the road where nothingness of space began. Houses that stood along this mysterious edge had simply crumpled. Pieces of houses and other human junk floated in the space beyond.

“Scientists appear to be completely baffled by the occurrence, where as the Magician’s Guild are claiming this as the actions of a powerful sorcerer, while Extraterrestrial Life Seekers claim this as the actions of a type of alien people. The facts however remain, someone or something as taken half the planet, and how we are still alive is dangerously unclear.”

“Wait… is that the pharmacy from down the road?” James asked from the doorway to the kitchen.

“Oh my goodness, it is,” I cried out, “and Jenny is in Malanda.” I felt frozen to the spot as the horror dawned on me. My daughter had been at a friend’s place having a sleepover, which just happened to be on the missing half of the planet.

“I’m calling John,” James said, passing a babbling Will into my arms. “Maybe he knows what’s going on.”

“How can John help? Our daughter has disappeared into space!” My voice cracked as panic flooded my body.

“He’s in the space program,” James pointed out.



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