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Writing Prompt Response 7

You are brought forward in time by freedom fighters, in order to stop an evil dictator from taking over the world. When you ask why they chose you to help them, they explain that the dictator is your future self.

Future Self – Reddit

Bam! I landed on my feet and they buckled from the sheer momentum. My stomach heaved and I vomited on the dusty ground. I felt a hand pat me on the back, and a gentle deep voice say:

“Sorry mate, always happens the first few times.”

I coughed and spat more bile. As a pounding headache kicked in, I stumbled to my feet, rubbing my head.

“What the hell happened?” I groaned.

“We told you, time travel,” the woman said.

“I didn’t take you seriously,” I mumbled, as I began to look around. The area of the city we had arrived in was dark. It appeared to be night-time and the alleyway had no streetlights. But then, down on the left I saw a light glow on, followed by a person walking along, then it dimmed out. “What was that?” I gasped.

“Huh?” the man asked, turning around. “Oh… the automated streetlights,” he shrugged, seeing another person walk by in the following glow of the lights.

“Come on, we need to get going for this to work…” the woman urged, pulling out a small gadget out of her pocket, pressing a few buttons and letting it into the air as a light came from it, illuminating the surprisingly clean alleyway. She knelt down and lifted up a man hole cover. “You first,” she glared at me.

“Explain to me again how I am supposed to help with your future world problem,” I demanded.

The woman gritted her teeth is irritation, and thrust a hand in the direction of the alleyway wall. The little floating torch gadget followed her movement and illuminated a poster on the wall. A woman who looked about 40 smiled back at me, friendly and kind. She looked very familiar. Beneath her smiling face were the words, “Caring for humanity.” Underneath that, her name. It was then, that I realised, I was staring at a poster of my older self.

“We are trying to stop you from being voted President For Life.”

To be continued…

Copyright Kai Hagberg



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