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Writing Prompt Response 6

You tossed your rent bill across the room in frustration and it went under your bed. A minute later, a grotesque claw pushes the bill back with a wad of cash.

Helping Hand – Promptuarium

I collapsed on my armchair, feeling exhausted from the day’s drama. Who in their right mind dates the son of a Mafia boss and thinks life would go more smoothly? I must not have been in my right mind.

I sigh audibly and reach for one of the letters on the table. Opening it absentmindedly, I realise only too late I was opening the rent bill. I glance at it, feeling dread set into my stomach. I began to calculate my savings, mentally. Not enough, I concluded, scrunching the bill in my hands and throwing it across the room in frustration. I would have to go to Jason for money. Again. F***.

I looked across the room to look for the bill. It had disappeared. It wasn’t by my bed or my wardrobe. Then a grotesque claw reached out from under my bed, shoving out a straightened bill and a wad of cash. I sprang to my feet, heart pounding, and adrenaline rushing through my veins, ready to take on the beast.

“Chill, it’s me,” a raspy voice emanated from the darkened depths.

I gasped, calming my body.

“Jesus, Henrochenka! Tell me when you move to live under my bed.” I told her angrily. “I could kill you accidentally.”

“No, you couldn’t,” she grumbled, sounding insulted.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean you can’t fight well.”

“Sure, sure,” she snarled. “The high and mighty Marantha thinks she could be bested by a house dweller. I don’t want your charity.”

“And I don’t want yours, take the cash back,” I said to the gap under my bed.

“No, I live here too, I should help pay the rent,” her voice mumbled from the depths of the shadows.

“You would live here regardless,” I shot back.

“Not every roommate would be willing to chat with me though,” she muttered.

“Fine,” I sighed. “But don’t think I couldn’t have paid it myself.”

“Hmrph,” was all that came in reply.

Copyright Kai Hagberg

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