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Writing Prompt Response 5

You just woke up here (a forest in autumn). There’s a note in your pocket. – Imagur

I woke to the cawing of a crow, and the chattering of a squirel. There were leaves stuck to my cheek and dew had dampened my jumper. I sat up quickly, suddenly aware of my surroundings not being the homey cottage I usually woke in.

The forest was dense, and dew clung to the leaves on the ground, and on the trees. The sunset colours that filled the forest glowed in the new morning sunlight, filtering through the canopy. I shivered in the light breeze that rustled through the trees. The hand knit jumper I wore, failed to block even the slightest breeze.

I stared around my surroundings, blankly, while shoving my chilled fingers into my pants’ pockets. There my cold fingers came across some paper I did not remember putting there. I pulled it out and uncrumpled it.

Good luck finding your way home now, you stupid little brat.

Love Mumsie

I growled at the sight of the hateful words, recrumpling the paper into my pocket.

Copyright Kai Hagberg. Pencil and watercolour on paper.

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