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Writing Prompt Response 4

Tears streamed down her face as she watched the diary burn.

Burning diary, Promptuarium


She threw the plain covered diary into the flames. It sat there in the red, orange and yellow glow for a moment, untouched by the flames, before the heat began to melt the leather, the covers bubbled and charred, and the flames flashed with the sudden discovery of fuel. The painful gripping in her gut twisted hard and she choked on the emotion boiling from within. Tears began to stream down her face as she watched the diary burn, and the glow of the fire warmed her face.

 She watched the diary curl up and turn to ash, and knew that it was the last vestiges of her old life that burned before her eyes. All that was left, were her memories.

She sighed. This was it. She rolled her shoulders back, pulled on her velvet hood and turned toward the road, where the horse waited. She patted the elegant gelding, calming the beast with ease. Rain began to fall soft and gentle, as she swang her leg over the back of the horse. Settling into the beautifully soft saddle, she prepared herself for the long ride to the castle.

She had never expected that taking up the mantle of Princess would be so heart wrenching.

Copyright Kai Hagberg. Pencil on paper sketch.



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