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Writing Prompt Response 2

You just woke up here (a forest in autumn). There’s a note in your pocket. – Imagur

I drifted into consciousness with a clear and desperate need to pee. The next thing I noticed was that I was damp and the sun was bright in my eyes. I opened them to find myself on the leaf strewn grown among some tree roots and tall tree trunks rising up into a colourful autumn canopy of orange and yellow.

I groaned audibly to myself and rubbed my eyes. There was a burning headache blossoming in my frontal cortex and there were wet leaves stuck to my bare backside.

“Not again…” I mumbled to no one in particular.

I heaved myself into a sitting position and glanced around the towering tree trunks. Just there on the roots of a nearby tree, neatly folded, sat my clothes. This was strange, I thought to myself, I don’t usually find my clothes so conveniently after a night of gallivanting. I stood carefully and wondered over to the pile. Picking through my clothes I found nothing peculiar, so I pulled them on.

Feeling warmer, with dry clothes on my damp skin and shoes to protect my chilled toes, I tucked my cold fingers into my pockets and sniffed the air to find the road. As I turned west, toward a highway, I felt the sharp corner of a folded piece of paper in my pocket. The note was folded small with Johnny, scrawled on top in a small cramped script.

I unfolded the note.


Please, meet me for breakfast at the cafe we spoke of.

Your train card is in your back pocket.

It was good seeing you.



My name wasn’t Johnny, but she knew that.


Copyright Kai Hagberg. Pencil on paper sketch.



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