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Flower and cat knee socks

My darling sister ordered a pair of knee socks from me. She wanted them to have flowers, cats and psychedelic colours.

To achieve this challenge I learned a new style of knitting, “Intarsia”. Intarsia is method of knitting where you use a new thread of yarn for each colour and do not drop the yarn when you finish the section. Essentially you end up with many balls of yarn attached to the work. To say the least, it can get very confusing and messy.

These socks took months to knit since I would get sick of the mess of yarn, or tired of the effort. I am certain the length of the socks did not help. However, here I am, successful. If there ever is a next time, I will endeavour to make them more psychedelic.

Please enjoy the photos below of my efforts. And share your thoughts and personal efforts in knitting.


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