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New Years Resolutions

Good readers, I have decided to follow tradition and make some New Years Resolutions for myself and to you.

Blogging Resolutions

  1. I will post a minimum of once a week. I will aim for twice a week.
  2. I will organise guest posting.
  3. I will begin a regular reposting of favourite posts by others
  4. I will start my reviewing section
  5. I will set up a Facebook posting regime

Writing Resolutions

  1. I will complete my First Draft of Alanna Marantha
  2. I will begin a daily writing habit
  3. I will figure out my main cultures for my Fantasy World
  4. I will set out a basic plan for my Fantasy ConLang
  5. I will plot out two other novels

Reading Resolutions

  1. I will read a book a month
  2. I will read more blogs

I will now apologise for my lack of posting over the holidays and will ask you all to hold me to my resolutions. I intend to be a good little blogger this 2015, and a good little writer.

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