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Introduction to Veganism

Oh, them hippy dippy people, who throw reason out of the window and give up protein and have to take supplements, because they don’t get what they need from carrots!

Yes, I mean vegans.

I want to introduce the bizarrely misunderstood section of life-diet styles, which is Veganism and its cousins. Why? Because my sister is a Vegan, my best friend is from a healthy eating family of meat and my partner plans all his meals around a dead carcass. Also because I am seriously disappointed by the lack of knowledge people have a about Veganism and these alternative diet choices.


Lets cover the basics.

What is a Vegan?

A Vegan is a person who for various and greatly varied reasons has chosen to stop eating animal products. By animal products, I mean, any living creature flesh, be it fish, insect, bird or animal, as well as things they produce such as honey, milk and eggs. A Vegan only eats plant products. Yes there are levels of this insanity, which I intend to discuss further.

What does a Vegan eat?

A vegan eats a variety of fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and grains, basically anything that comes from plants. So this means bread, salads, curries, rice, yummy baked things, soy products, and a vast number of other foods. And yes there is Vegan Chocolate and it is yummy. I have tried.

Why go Vegan?

Going Vegan isn’t necessarily a sudden ethical or moral decision based on a realisation about animal rights. Many vegans do parade this as the ultimate reason to go vegan, and perhaps this may be their reason. I personally feel that some may have chosen veganism for other reasons and now just like to stand on that new shiny moral pedestal they can stand on. Other reasons include but are not necessarily limited to: environmentally friendly eating, healthy eating, chronic health conditions, allergies and simply disliking the taste of animal products.

Vegan Cousins?

I know this is not perhaps a very politically correct term, but if this were a post on fruitarianism, perhaps I would be talking about Fruitarianism’s cousins. By Vegan Cousins I mean diet-styles that are alternative to the generally considered norm (at least in the western world), which is largely Omnivorous. Other Alternative Diet-styles include but are not limited to: pescitarian, vegetarian, raw vegan and fruitarian.

If you have a reason to be vegan that is not listed, please comment about it below. If you would like to tell me about your experiences with veganism, please do share in comments below. Please note, all comments are screened personally by me and any rude comments will not be published.



2 thoughts on “Introduction to Veganism

  1. ethics, ecology and health.
    For me being vegan is putting aside a little bit of selfish, hedonistic pleasure in order to do good for myself, the planet and the animals. Good topic though, keep at it!

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