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NaNoWriMo Day 4 – O Dear…

O dear. I have fallen behind on my word count. I am about two days behind, which isn’t too bad, so I’m not worried. I could easily catch up. The plan is to do so tomorrow. I have the whole day free so I shall cook up some yummy pasta sauce, and sit down with a bowl of deliciousness to write about 4 000 words. Easy. I can do that. Right?

Other than being behind on words, I am feeling great about the start of NaNo. Each time I have sat down for a good write, I felt the words flowing quite easily because the story is so well planned. I can do this.

So from that you might guess that my other posting, unrelated to NaNo, will dwindle until the end of November. I do apologise. However, I do have a pre-prepared backlog of Daunting Concepts posts, which I thought I could start posting on Thursdays. If that section flourishes, I may separate to another blog, but for now I shall have a multi-topic blog.

I hope you all enjoy Thursday’s first Daunting Concepts post and my NaNo struggles entertain or encourage you. Those of you who are taking part in the insanity with me, I hope you are keeping up to word count and are still feeling excited and up for it. 4 days in should not be leading to stress and freak outs. That’s day 16’s problem.


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