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What do you want from a review?

I read a review to find out whether I would enjoy the book or show. I want to get an idea of what the story is about and what it is like. I often look for interesting new ideas and concepts, so I want to know if the story gives me this. I want to know how engaging the characters are. But most importantly, I want to know how well it is written. I often don’t mind if the writing is simpler, but I will have an issue with bad editing, spelling and grammatical mistakes, and other elements that would distract me from the story. I want a smooth story experience. I think reviews are important at keeping our artists trying for better all the time. We want a writer or artist putting in the effort and taking the responsibility to give us a polished piece of work.

I have written up some reviews but I want to know if I am missing anything. I would include a brief taste of what the story is, how it is written, and how I enjoyed it, if at all. I will include the number of pages, how long it took me to read it, and whether I could put it down. I am also trying to perfect a rating system out of ten, before I start publishing reviews.

What elements do you think are important in a review? What about in the rating? What do you want a review?

Please let me know in comments below, or send me a private message in Contact Me.


2 thoughts on “What do you want from a review?

  1. For a person to review a writing, that person should be educated, somewhat. If you’re going to publish the review, show that education: Is the writing any good. (I hope the review is well written.) Tell something about the novel. If there is no point to the novel, explain why. If you understand the grand overview of the book, tell it. The author will be pleased. Interested readers will want to see how it is done.
    If the book is trash, explain why and trash it in definite terms.
    I’ve done all this. My rationale: I will not let a writer lie. There are plenty of authors out there who lie and who should not be writing books.

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