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Blogging 201 – 3 Goals


Why do I Blog?

I started blogging for one main reason, I was told it is a great way to establish an audience as a writer. I have a great dream of one day being a published (and best-selling/famous) writer. I want to see my books on the shelves in bookshops one day. Until my great novel is written, I decided I should be working on building a readership.

The second reason I blog is because I enjoy contemplating things and bringing up ideas. Through blogging I can do that in detail and get my ideas out there into the world, to perhaps even make a difference.


If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams… what would that look like?

My wildest dreams are to be included in lists like: Best bloggers, or Inspiring women bloggers. I day dream of having thousands of followers and eager fans waiting and cheering me on as I finish my novels, which, due to my fantastic blogging success, are instant best sellers. I dare to dream of being invited to go to writing festivals and writing conferences. Exciting writers and bloggers would be guest posting regularly.

I would have a logo, and cool tag line. I would have thousands of followers. I would have large spikes in traffic when a post is made. I would a have a readers discussing the ideas I post about in the comments section, without necessarily my input. All discussion would be positive and supportive. I would be posting a couple times a week.


My Goals

By the end of this year, I will…

  • Post at least 3 times a week, each week.
    • Posting days could be… Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
    • Writing post, Review Post and a Daunting Concepts
    • Once a week posting one favourite post by a blogger I follow
  • Have Facebook linked and set up posting my blog posts
    • the day after each is posted
    • a repost of a popular old post weekly
    • post favourite posts
  • Finish off Brand
    • Design and publish logo
    • Revisit tag line (poll?)

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