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One Blog or Multiple Blogs?

This is an issue I have been struggling with over the past few weeks, (or perhaps months…). I am proud to have started my first blog, this one, Derelict Muse. This is my blog dedicated to my writing craft. Now that I have started blogging, I really am getting excited about the possibility of reaching more people and a wider audience with other issues. I have a passion and curiosity about world issues and would love the chance to discuss issues such as the environment, poverty, and explore philosophical ideas. However, I am unsure if writing about these issues on Derelict Muse will become a problem for you, my dear readers. I am sure there are some of you who would be fascinated to hear about my ideas on philosophy and the environment. I also suspect that some others would not be so keen and do not want to have my opinions of such things popping up on your feed/email.

Now, because all mighty Google knows all, I searched to find answers.

The loudest reaction was ONE blog or you will FAIL. Bluggussion explained that running one blog truly successfully requires so much time and effort that running two would cause one or both to fail. There is the content, marketing and building an audience, all of which require time and effort. Kirsten Lamb’s Blog followed a similar point of view. She said writers never need multiple blogs, because unless blogging is all you want to do, you need to be focusing on your other work and have blogging take up as little time as possible, yet do well.

At this point I began to feel less excited about multiple blogs and began to plan organizing my current site to handle different topics in my head.

Then I find a multitude of articles telling me that multi-topic blogs are a bad idea, and one topic blogs are SEO (Search Engine Optimized). Also, there is the worry that I expressed earlier, that writing about many topics may scare off readers, thus losing subscribers. Advertising may be better tailored on single topic blogs, and a very encouraging post explained the existence of an app thing that could help schedule posts.

But then there are other solutions such as running multiple blogs off one blog or something along those lines, or allowing my readers to subscribe to specific topics on my multi-topic blog. If one of you can link me to a great article that could explain simply how to do these options, that would be great.

The end result is… I still don’t know. I would love to hear from you. How do you feel about multi-topic blogs? What about single-topic blogs? I am leaning toward posting about other topics on Derelict Muse, outside of writing that is, but your opinion, dear readers, is one I would take into account.



6 thoughts on “One Blog or Multiple Blogs?

  1. Used to have a multi-topic blog. It was hard to “market” to potential readers because how do you describe it in one line? So eventually I moved out to separate blogs by topic. But that fizzled out due to the sheer effort it took to maintain 3 or 4 different channels. So right now, I started a whole new “magazine” blog of all my macabre interests at that goes back to the unified, multi-topic blog.

    As someone on the Commons said, it wholly depends on what you want to brand: yourself as the author with a wide variety of topics? Or the single topic blog?

    I seriously hope you pick One Blog.

  2. Hi. I’ve had one blog for about a year now, and most of my family and friends follow it, which is awesome. It’s also restricting, seeing as there’s a lot I feel like I can’t write about, can’t say, on that blog. I struggled with this for a while, writing things but not posting them because they were different from my normal content. But that wasn’t making me very happy.

    So I created a new username, new blog, new everything. That way my content would be separate on each blog and I would be free to be completely anonymous. It’s only been a week so far, and yes, it requires a lot more effort to maintain both blogs, but my new one (this one) has been very successful and my other one hasn’t suffered at all. And I feel free to write different content and not worry about straying from the focus of my main blog.

    But as I said, it’s only been a week. Doom may be right, it may end up being too much work. But right now it feels great.

    I say do what feels right to you. Hope I helped!

    1. I found you!
      Thank-you for your comment. This really helps.

      I have personally felt a little conflicted with inviting my friends and family to read my blog too, for the same reason you have had trouble with it. I do not want to feel like I need to sensor myself as I know I can have some strong opinions and there may be issues I have never discussed with family that I would then like to bring up on my blog. I decided on the scarier route, so fingers crossed.

      Keep me updated on how your two blogs go. I hope you succeed in keep both up and running, as then I may have a chance to run two myself.

  3. Yes, I think it’s a trade-off. I have one blog that’s about my farm life, and the other about my writing. The writing one has certainly suffered because most of my blogging energy goes to the day-to-day details of my restoration projects. On the other hand, I find that since I relaxed and don’t worry about updating the writing blog as frequently, it’s not a drama. It’s fun, after all. You can do what you like.

  4. I am evaluating the same thing you are, but I think I have narrowed it down a bit. I have come to conclusion I can only maintain one blog. But I like to talk about my travels, I would love to share my photographs and I also love DIY crafting. So for no I have decided to keep it all in one blog – but under separate categories…. Not sure how it will work out, it might end up outing out on the DIY crafting as it doesn’t really fit into the rest of the blog theme.
    So I guess I am at the same state as you – not really decided yet!

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