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Which Project First?

Picking my first project to actually finish is actually a fairly impossible task. I’m sure you all have stood at this crossroads too and seen something worthwhile down each and every path, making every option terrifying. What if the path you choose runs out of inspiration? What if the project you choose turns out to be a colossal waste of time?

Well here I am at this crossroads fearing the same thing. What if I choose to try finish the story that I can never finish?

I have asked the almighty Google to aid me in the process of making the most terrifying decision of my life so far. Even deciding that I would marry my beloved was less scary, and believe me that took me about 2 months to decide once I began thinking about it. The answer seems obvious to me now… but at the time: scary as hell. Perhaps when I finish my first novel I will feel the same way, like this was obviously the only choice.

The Five Step Plan for Writers turned out to make my decision process more difficult. Step 2 and 3 were what I was looking for. However, my Active, Dead and Dormant lists were rather unhelpful. The Active counted to 6 easily, my Dormant list went to 11 and the Dead were missing entirely. I guess you could say if the story was dead, it was buried too. Step 3 led nowhere too. I don’t write short stories and the ones i had put most time into I hadn’t either started or intended to start from scratch anyway. I began to feel hopeless.

7 Ways to Decide on the other hand gave me a the path to take. I didn’t get past writing the Premise since that simply highlighted my solution. I had started with my age old story, the one that I had nurtured since I was 12, the one that was my first. And writing the Premise just solved the problem I had struggled with from day one. The plot was dreadful! But now I understood. The story made sense. I had rediscovered my baby. I had fallen in love again. Alanna, I choose you, guide me to success, let me write you tale.

Choosing your first or even your next project can be daunting, I know. But trust me when you see it you will just know it was meant to be. Now just don’t quit because you hit a rough patch.


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