Ink-Stained Frustrations

Why I Write

I write because there are stories I would like to read that have not been written yet.

Ever since I began reading, I seem to have gone on a hunt for that perfect story, where the protagonist speaks to me on a new and deep level and actually does things like I would. I am forever irritated by the character that does stupid mistakes or doing the wrong thing. So, I suppose one of my great goals of writing is to write a character that is more like me.

I promise you that I won’t be boring or write another Mary-Sue story. I can’t stand that perfect character either.

There’s another thing, other writers have yet to provide me. The perfect plot or world… Can’t you ever get it right? Why are your world’s never like I think they should be?

This brings me to another reason I write. I write to live the adventures I imagine. The real world is actually a fairly dull place; no vampires, no fairies, no witches, no magic. Well none that I have come across. So I write to experience the things I otherwise would not be able to experience.

Lastly, I write, because I have so many thoughts and ideas and emotions. I am constantly overwhelmed by them and there don’t ever seem to be enough people around me willing to listen. If I write them and free them to the world, I might just get a larger audience for these thoughts.

People keep telling me this, you never should write for fame, you should always only write for the sake of writing. Largely because the average writer will never live off the profits of their work. However, I, like the rest of you out there, live in hope, harbouring that dream of reaching the big time like those at the top. I shall try to remember that they too always wrote for the sake of writing… otherwise we would never have read the last Harry Potter, or still be seeing new Terry Pratchetts on the shelf.



6 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Have you ever given any parts of your writings to someone to read and comment on them? Could it help getting stories complete?
    I’ve been waiting for nine years to get my hands on your first book (I believe it’s the one you have told me about many years ago). Is it possible to keep up the same attitude you had ten years ago?

    Ok, this seems like I’m complaining but no-no-no. I’m very eager to read your text and I wish all the best on your projects!

  2. I started out writing by writing what I wanted to see and do. Fantasy lands and saving the land was a key story. How funny! Anyway, sometimes I can lose track of why I write but I always come back to writing for the love of writing. So good!

    1. It can be so easy to forget, not just why we choose to write, but why we choose to do so many other things.
      Thanks for liking my work. I hope you enjoy my other writing. And good luck with your writing.

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