Ideas of Mine

Idea Addict

Idea Addict. I never thought of it that way before. I get new ideas practically weekly. I get so excited and flushed with adrenaline. I can’t wait to tell everybody about my newest evidence of genius. This story is surely a best seller! I even plan to write it.

But then I get busy, looking for work, studying, cleaning… you name it. Then days pass and I lose my excitement. Until…

My Next Great Idea.

Is this my greatest obstacle to success? I can never become a best-selling author, unless I actually finish that first draft.

On the other hand, despite all my constant idea rushes, I keep going back to my favourite stories. I’d say there are about six or so brilliant ideas that, despite my constant excitement for other ideas, I always come back to them. Most of them, I have been working on and off on for years. One I started over ten years ago.

Perhaps, I could be worse. At least I keep going back to some projects. Maybe this isn’t even a problem for me. I should just focus on setting up a routine and choosing my project for the year.


2 thoughts on “Idea Addict

  1. A stone mason never goes looking for a perfect stone to lay down. Instead he picks up a stone and finds a perfect place to lay it in. Instead of setting out to build a wall he sets out to find a perfect spot for each stone he picks up. One stone at the time.

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